Ms. Liping Peng, Senor Parenting Trainer |Counsellor

Liping Peng is a mental health champion in the Chinese community. Liping Peng has spent the past 20 years as a mental health worker at Hong Fook Mental Health Association, an organization that works with Asian communities to keep people mentally healthy and manage mental illness from recovery to wellness. Liping, who is the leader of the Mandarin Prevention and Promotion program at Hong Fook, with her great passion and dedication to help those who are in needs, has helped improving thousands of people’ mental health status. There are many who credited her with her efforts of turning their lives around, and she is also deeply admired by her clients and the volunteers.

She has delivered countless mental health workshops as well as trainings to educate the community and to recruit ambassadors to promote the important of mental health. She has helped breaking down the stigma which is a biggest barrier that hinder people from seeking help. Whether by conducting media campaigns or being a frequently sought-after voice in Chinese media, Liping has been successful in changing people’ perception as well as their attitude towards mental health in her community, and won the national award: Difference Maker-150 Leading Canadian in Mental Health in 2017.

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