Mental Wellness Annual Check-up

Just as physical health is of paramount importance, psychological well-being holds equal significance. Similar to an annual physical examination, the Mental Wellness Annual Check-up serves as a pivotal opportunity to assess and monitor your psychological health status. During this evaluation, you will have the chance to undergo a series of professional psychological assessments aimed at comprehensively gauging your psychological well-being. Our expert psychological therapists will offer personalized consultations and interpretations, meticulously nurturing your psychological health, and aiding you in formulating effective strategies to manage potential stress, anxiety, emotional disturbances, and other related concerns.

Evaluation Includes, But Is not Limited to:

Basic Mental Health Assessment Scale (Initial Check-up), 1.5 hours.

Specialized Mental Health Assessment (Customized based on initial assessment results), 1 hour.

One-on-one interpretation of assessment results by professional psychological therapists.

Development of a personalized Mental Health Plan based on your assessment results, 1.5 hours.

Mental health Assessment ≠ Mental Illness Diagnosis

The assessment provided by WCCYC is not a diagnosis; it represents an evaluation of your mental health status.

As shown in the diagram below, everyone has mental health. We can view mental health as a range or continuum, with one end representing optimal mental health and the other end representing severely impaired mental health. Not everyone has a mental illness. Similar to mental health, mental illness can fluctuate. On one end of the continuum, there are no diagnosable psychological disorders (minimal or no symptoms). On the other end, there are severe diagnosed mental illnesses. When the continua of mental health and mental illness are combined, they form a ‘dual continuum.’ Individuals diagnosed with psychological disorders can still maintain good mental health, while those without diagnosed disorders can still have poorer mental health. This is why seeking psychotherapy and support is crucial.

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