Susan Su

Susan Su

Counsellor and Therapist

Dr. Su is good at individual and group counseling and psychotherapy, including anxiety and depression, stress-induced emotional dysregulation and social anxiety, parent-child relationship, couple relationship, obsessive-compulsive personality, eating disorder regulation, extreme perfectionist tendencies, behavior modification of children with ADHD and autism, and their parents’ Mental health adjustment, adjustment of depression in the elderly, relieving academic pressure, cultivating and shaping self-confidence.

Background and Education

Dr. Su Chang has been engaged in the field of mental health in Canada and China for nearly 30 years. She obtained a Ph.D. in Psychology from the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Health at York University in Canada. She completed three postdoctoral fellowships in mental health fields.

She has accumulated rich professional knowledge in the fields of applied psychology and education, as well as practical experience and skills in psychological counseling and psychotherapy. She has helped many young people, college students, and middle-aged and elderly people to get out of their life confusion, re-understand the meaning of life and build self-confidence in life and work.

Work Experience

Dr. Susan Chang Su is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Brandon University. She has strong empathy, listening skills, and extensive knowledge and skills in counseling. Enthusiastic and willing to help people in the Canadian Chinese cultural community to promote physical and mental health through her years of accumulated counseling and therapeutic practice. 

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