Qianye Ji

Qianye Ji

Senior Counselor

She helped parents with parenting problems, emotional problems, intergenerational relationships and other issues, and applied the theory of developmental psychology and PET (Parental Effectiveness Training) to provide these mothers and fathers with effective self-adjustment programs.

Background and Education

Ms. Qianye Ji, who graduated from Northwest Normal University with a major in Early Childhood Education, is a national certified counselor level II in China. In addition to her degree, she has also completed a series of advanced training, including: China Waldorf Education Community Development and School Management, IDEC International Master Course in Preschool Drama Education, Arts Psychology Analyst Course, Ancient Chinese Book of Songs “ Feng Ya Song ” course, and an Ancient China “ Philosophy of Mind”.

As a woman and a mother of 8-year-old son, Qianye gives her insight into the importance of child development psychology and the psychology of women. In addition to screenwriting and counseling, she strives to enter the role of a true mother. Nowadays everyone tries to rush their children’s development and expect their children to be proficient in a multitude of skills starting from childhood. Anxious parents like this lack of patience and fail to notice the value of companionship.

Ms. Ji believes in “Slow Education” and “Travel Education”. This provided many opportunities for her and her son to spend time together. She reads stories, does arts and crafts, and plays games with him and they use time during the holidays to travel together. So far, her son has traveled to many provinces in China and many countries in Asia and Europe. He is so young yet has already seen so many different nationalities, races, mountains, and rivers.

Work Experience

Through her successful experience raising her son using “slow education” and “travel education”, Ms. Ji decided to share her concepts to mothers from all around. She also founded the first Waldorf kindergarten in Lanzhou in 2014 which focuses on creating a warm, safe and innovative environment for children.

Ms. Ji strongly believes in the fundamental role of children’s literature and children’s drama in humanistic education. For this reason, she has written a number of children’s play scripts, including Pumpkin Castle, Clown and Candy, and Angel Staying and is actively working with local communities and schools to practice and promote drama education. Through her experiences as a professional, a qualified mother and an entrepreneurial woman, Ms. Ji has gained a deeper understanding of women in a whole new perspective.

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