Mental Health Needs Assessment

Wellness Counselling Centre for Youth Canada has been working with community partners to conduct a Community-based Participatory Research on needs assessment for mental health and wellbeing of Chinese international student in Great Toronto Area.

This study aims to identify key barriers that potentially hinder international students’ participation in existing mental health services that available for them and to explore what are the effective ways to approach international students who are suffering from mental health problems but not seeking help, to understand the current referral process/system using by parents and service providers working with international students, Discover and highlight service gaps and develop strategies and to improve the mental health and wellbeing of international students in Canada.

This project has received a positive response from TDSB and the international student community. It has successfully completed the first phase of stakeholder consultations. 16 interviews were conducted with professionals who work with international students in variety of settings such as, TDSB trustees, school settlement workers, tutoring centre staff, immigration consultants, private and public high school, principles/teachers, Guidance counsellors, School trustee and MPP, Learning Strategist.

We have also hosted a community forum with panel discussion and six focus groups with international students, home stay providers, custodians, student advisers and parents to collect data.

counselling centre for youth - research
counselling centre for youth - research

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