Francis Wang

Tianyang Wang

Francis Wang

Child and Youth Worker 

As a council member of the Center for New Immigrant Wellbeing, he actively participates in promoting mental health awareness in the community.

Background and Education

Francis Wang is currently an undergraduate student at University of Toronto, majoring in Psychology and Political Science. He graduated from Suzhou High School of Jiangsu Province in 2016. He studied Journalism and Communications at Macao University of Science and Technology from 2016 to 2018.

Francis has a passion for social causes. He was the founder and operator of a Macao student media. He studied social gender and feminism at the Graduate Faculty of Fudan University. As a research assistant, He participated in 2019 Shanghai Social Cognition Research of Shanghai Institute of Finance and Law.

Work Experience

Francis is specialized in mental health. He was the Event Coordinator of Listeners Club and is now a volunteer providing peer support to international students at U of T. He is also an online counselling volunteer of International Chinese Psychology Association. 

Francis devotes himself to charity services. He worked in the publicity department of Macao Youth Aesthetic Ability Volunteer Association and participated in the local election and community events as a volunteer and reporter.

Personal Life

Francis is enthusiastic in Wu Chinese language and culture preservation. He founded the University of Toronto Wu Chinese Cultural Association and acts as its President. He is the board member and on-campus coordinator of Youthcare Canada, a non-profit organization that offers all-round assistance to international students in Canada.

In early 2020, Francis joins the Wellness Counselling Centre for Youth Canada and becomes a Child and Youth worker.

Cooking, Cycling, Drama, Photography, Wu Chinese language protection, Suzhou Pingtan Opera.

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