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about counselling centre for youth
about counselling centre for youth



Wellness Counselling Centre for Youth Canada (WCCYC) is a leading Toronto- based provider of culturally sensitive professional services to youth and their families.

Our programs are specially designed for youth (10 to 29 years) and their families who require professional support to address challenges with social and personal relationships as well as emotion and behaviour issues.

To ensure our services are accessible for all our clients, we offer in-office, telephone, and video sessions.

We combine our advanced skills, knowledge and evidence based clinical tools with a deep understanding of the issues that affect all aspects of the lives of high school and first-year university\college students to provide practical and effective professional support.

Our services are available in English and Mandarin. At WCCYC, we are committed to promoting mental health and wellness for youth, their families and the community through our client-oriented holistic approach.

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