International Student Program

Mental Health Care Plan for International Students- Evidence-based solutions for the unique challenges faced by Chinese International Students living in Canada.

Mental Health Care Plan for International Students project is a result of a Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR) on needs assessment for mental health and wellbeing of Chinese international students in Great Toronto Area. It was conducted by Wellness Counselling Centre for Youth Canada in partnership with community members and partners.

This project is designed to meet the needs of Chinese international students for their mental health and wellbeing based on the findings of our CBPR study. We have developed a unique approach to break down the barriers identified in this study and the strategies to close up the service gaps discovered by students themselves and the service providers working with them.

Issues To Be Addressed

Emotion Management

Culture Shock




Social Skills Building

Mental Health Issues

Build Resiliency

Crisis Situations


Time management

Money Management

Learning disability


And much more

How We Help:

  • One on one assessment
  • Individualized care plan development
  • Parenting consultation to parents
  • Weekly one on one emotion/stress management sessions
  • Leadership training group


  • Social skills training
  • Adaptation to new environment group
  • Support groups
  • Connecting to a local students mentorship program
  • Coaching

Getting Started is Easy

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