Teenager growth and support group


We are excited to announce our specialized workshop tailored for teenagers in grades
10-12– “Teenager growth and support group” ; has started to recruit!

The group aims to assist teenagers in gaining a deeper understanding of themselves,
enhancing self-awareness, and improving emotional and stress management skills.

In this closed group setting of 6-8 participants, participants will have the opportunity to:
1. Deepen Self-Understanding and Enhance Self-Awareness: By exploring their own
traits, interests, and values. Gain better insights into themselves, boost their self-
confidence, and develop a stronger sense of self-awareness.
2. Explore Values and Foster Self-Talk: This process of exploring values and enhancing
self-talk does not only inspires their inner strength but also helps them build healthy
interpersonal relationships.
3. Recognize and Accept Inner Needs: they will learn to pay attention to their inner
needs and develop healthy lifestyle habits, thereby improving their quality of life and
fostering a more positive outlook.

Our counselling group will be facilitated by experienced psychotherapist and social
worker to ensure participants receive the best learning experience possible. We believe
that this group will have a positive impact on their personal growth and development.

We cordially invite you (if you are a teenager) or your children to participate in our
support group, and we look forward to collaborating with you to get into the rich and
meaningful learning opportunity. If you have any questions or need further information
about our group, please feel free to contact us.

Sign up form: https://forms.gle/nzsnMzHqeKFV7fdc9

Thank you for your valuable time, and looking forward to meet you.


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