Dr. Lixia Yang

Dr. Lixia Yang

Full Professor in Psychology
Senor Counsellor | Therapist 

Dr. Lixia Yang, full professor at Ryerson University. Received PhD in psychology (2000), and then served as a postdoc research fellow at the Max-Plank Institute for Human Development and Education (2000-2003) and the Department of Psychology, University of Toronto (2003-2005). Has been teaching at the Department of Psychology, Ryerson Universe since 2005. Has taught various courses, including Child Development, Adult Development, Introduction to Psychology, and Cognitive Psychology.

An Active Community Leader who is experienced in Counselling, Communication, parent and Child relationship, and nonviolent communication. One of the Founders for the EPIC (EQ Parenting Inspiration Club) and WeSupport (a Canadian Chinese mental health support group), non-profit community organizations.

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